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Yacht Services is your specialist in off-grid renewable energy systems.
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Take your vessel or home power supply to the next level with our solutions for high performance, high efficiency, sustainability and safety.

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Former Yachts man, professional racer, international coach and passionate for boats, Jildert Koopman established Yacht Services to provide quality services and products to boat owners and cruiser’s community bringing his knowledge onboard.

In years of sailing and coaching, Jildert has improved his skills by experiencing all kind of different situations with boats. The harsh marine environment demands high quality products and installations, knowing that, Yacht Services provides the best experience working with the best suppliers. 

This is the core business of Yacht Services. 



Victron off-grid solar panel systems are incredibly saleable and configurable to the requirements of the end user. For all systems we specify we can tailor the MPPT solar charge controller, battery inverter / charger, and distribution method. When the topic is safety, Victron equipment is your choice, quality, efficiency  and clean installation which requires a minimum of wiring saving you space, and can accept input from a generator as a backup energy source.

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We are proud to be the company that clientes can trust. Our passion for the sea and yachting guide us to offer the best services with efficiency and transparency. Services is a mindset as much as an activity. 


Knowledge comes with understanding, experience and study. We are proud to share our Knowledge by giving you the best service.


Diagnosing problems correctly and devising creative solutions. In some cases, we must think outside the box to resolve electrical issues at a worksite. We must be able to think quickly and adapt to resolve problems for our clients.

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We are committed to delivering to you the highest quality products, services and supply marine solutions in the industry.

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For us, the customer service mindset is required to ensure the customer satisfaction, which is part of the company’s fundamental culture.

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Patrice De la Motte
Patrice De la Motte⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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"I met Jildert last year. He fixed every single electric problems that I had on my boat (there was a lot going on for a while) This was just exceptional to have such a nice honest man doing such a great job. If you happen to have any electronic or electricity issues, I would strongly recommend you to stop in Bonaire even if you are not planning to do so."
Angelo Christiano
Angelo Christiano⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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"Jildert was very helpful getting my Solar Installation fixed, as well as chasing down some Gremlins in the Instrumentation. I would recommend him to anyone needing Electrical work done on a boat in Bonaire. Excellent work."
Richard Raymond
Richard Raymond⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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"Jildert not only did an excellent job making recommendations concerning the new battery setup but was also quick to pick up on potential electrical safety issues. He did a great setup for the new batteries and is just so easy to work with. I highly recommend Jildert and will be looking forward to some future projects to upgrade our solar."
Curtis Machlan
Curtis Machlan⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Jildert is fantastic at his craft. I first learned of him as an electrician and Victron dealer. He does so much more. While we stored our boat at Boat Yard Bonaire, he installed a new arch our boat, designed and built a frame for 3 large solar panels and then rewired our entire battery system. We went from struggling to maintain a charge for our batteries to having enough power we could share it with others. He literally made life so much more comfortable and joyful on our boat. We've also been able to pick through his knowledge to help track down other problems from sail issues to engine issues. His ability to problem solve is top notch with an extremely friendly demeanor. For whatever your need is from you boat, or even your home, do not hesitate to contact Jildert. He's the man!
Sebastien Franck
Sebastien Franck⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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We were in Bonaire with serious and complicated issues related to our failed watermaker, non-functioning hydro generator and a host of other complex problems. Jildert of Bonaire Yacht Services was amazing- he intimately knew the subtleties of all the systems and instantly knew what was necessary. He emailed manufactures in France for support and helped us immensely with warranty claims. I would say that in nearly four years of cruising he was arguably the best technician we have worked with. If one is having boat issues we would unhesitatingly recommend diverting to Bonaire to take advantage of their great service.

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