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Frequently asked questions

This choice depends on shading. 

Is your solar array setup is free from shading. Example; by trees or other objects.  

Series: The series configuration will be the best choice. This will reduces wiring and multiple MPPT chargers and in this way costs. The Solar array will produce earlier and longer during the day. Keep in mind that a series configuration is more affected by partial shading. This can also be caused by dirt build up or dust. Keep solar panels clean for the best output.

Parallel: If the location is affected by shading, then the best advice is to use a parallel setup. The most MC4 connectors are rated for max 30AMP. So additional smaller chargers can be installed, working together via the “VE.Smart-Network” by Victron Energy. 

Ve.Smart-Network communicates via bluetooth and enables synchronised charging and improves charge efficiency and battery -life. 

Some factors are important to match as;

-Voltage 12/24/36 or 48 volts. 

In marine 12 and 24 volts are the most common. In domestic installations 48 is preferred. 


The amount of batteries (amp hours) should be sufficient to deliver the required demand. 

Batteries are not the same; Sealed Lead acid , AGM, AGM Spiral, GEL, Traction Batteries and Lithium all have different maximum discharge rates, charge specifications and Service Life. 

However, if your battery does not come with a manual describing service life and other information example; information about charging and discharging. There is a big chance your battery won’t live his potential life. 

Actually batteries aren’t bad. They become a bad product because the are mistreated with high charge currents in hot environments and eventually discharged so low that they internally are worn out. This process and can happen within a weeks.

-the system peak discharge current must be carefully matched to battery specification and if necessary a larger capacity pack chosen to prevent overheating.

-the total weight and dimensions also need to balance with these overall factors.

 The best way to manage this, if possible, would be to have an Argofet Battery Isolator. This allows each bank to charge independently.

Inspect your Shore power cord for corrosion, melted plastic, arc points and blackened connections. Also become familiar with you model and brand. Most problems with Shore power cords are caused by the way they are used. 

Dirt, salt and not connecting the plug the right way in the pedestal can cause heat build up and shorts. Twist and lock or Lock you shore power plug the right way and keep it clean from salt and dirt. This will prevent the most common problems. 

A bilge pump comes with 2 or 3 wires of reasonable length. There is no other way then to connect these wires. Normally the brown/white wire is for the automated float switch. Although some pumps have internal float switches. 

The Common mistake: “A bilge pump’s job is to get the water out of the boat. Also in an emergency it should work without interruption as long as possible. In a lot of cases during installation the cables that comes with the pump are cut-off because they are thought to be too long. 

Remember that this action will affect the running time in case of emergency. Since you will need a connector at that cut-off point. So when the water is rising, at the connection the pump will stop because of shorting out caused by the rising water. 

Most important is to put the connectors as high as possible, cut your boats end and not the bilge end, then securely attach the connection part high as possible , this will give you more time in a emergency situation. 

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